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Dear Parents and Students. This is our another article on Career Options in which we try to eliminate confusions about career options. The basic question arises in mind of every student  "what should I do after 10+2?" as well as Parents are also tensed about the future of their child. The wrong decision may ruin the future of the student. So it is necessary for the Student as well as their parents to choose the best available career options. Which should be according to the interest of the students. In this post we will provide all information about Career options in Cyber Security.
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What is Cyber Security?

The current era is digital era. All the major information of businesses, governments and other organizations are kept in databases and on networks. In current era, attacks on countries are made by cyber attacks. They can attacks on government's sensitive information or any one's bank accounts or data of organizations for extortion purpose. The cyber attackers aims to access, altered or destroy sensitive information, extorting users or interrupt the businesses. So cyber security is important as it tries to protect the systems, networks, databases, servers, websites and programs. Cybersecurity is a practice of protecting systems, networks, websites and programs from digital cyber attacks.

What is the Scope of Cyber Security? 

The global economy is now converted in Digital Economy. The use of systems, Networking and Programming in businesses are rapidly increasing. Most of the big firms records their day to day activity online, on server. The banking is now completely online, accounting of companies is online, all processes of businesses are done through the network. The evolution of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency blockchains as well as banking blockchains increase the scope of cyber security. In the world, all banks are using blockchain technology, At least 25% of the total investors in world holds cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ripple. The increasing in technology is very threatening for all the businesses and governments, as attacks of phishing, extorting and malicious also increasing. No business can protect themselves from cyber attacks without developing the cyber security mechanism.
In India, there is lack of skilled cyber security expert, due to this, the perks to a well skilled cyber security expert is much higher, and there is huge demand for a cyber security expert in big organization.

What courses are offered and their eligibility?

There are various Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses are available in the country. There are also some vocational certificate and diploma courses available. But it is recommended to choose a complete degree courses for better career options. 

Under Graduate Courses

The essential qualification for the UG courses is 10+2 in PCM or Physics/Chemistry and Computer Science.
  • B. Tech in Computer Science (Cyber Security as one of the subject)
  • B. Tech in Cyber Security
  • B.C.A. with Cyber Security
  • B. Tech in Information Security

Post Graduate Courses

  • M. Tech in Cyber Security
  • MCA in Cyber Security
  • M. Tech in Information Security
  • M. Tech in Digital Security
There are also Doctorate/Ph.d and other research and fellowship courses available.

Top Institutions

  • IIT Hyderabad
  • IIT Delhi
  • IIT Guwahati
  • IIT Allahabad
  • AIACT &R Delhi
  • Chandigarh University
There are many others colleges and universities too. You can make your own research.
Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay